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krishna December 30, 2003 01:07

3 phase Eulerian Model
Dear ppl,

I am trying to Model Fluidized bed, with two gases namely air and CO2. In a cylinder I have considered:

1) I have made air inlet from bottom of the cylinder. 2) I have patched sand until 1/3 rd length of the cylinder. 3) I am inleting the CO2 gas at 50% height of the cylinder through the sides.

Is this above simulation possible in fluent using Eulerian Model and also what are the drag laws to be considered,for the three phases considered.

Thanks for your Patience,


ap January 3, 2004 15:20

Re: 3 phase Eulerian Model
You can do this kind of simulation in FLUENT using the Eulerian model, which however isn't still able to model neither chemical reaction nor mass trasfer.

You have two gases, so you need to implement a species trasport equation using UDS, in order to calculate molar fractions of species.

For gas-solid interaction you can choose Syamlal and O'Brien or Gidaspow drag law.

If you have more than one granular solid phase, the only solid-solid drag law available in FLUENT is Syamlal-symmetric.

You can find equations of these laws in FLUENT manual.

Hi :)


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