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mehravar December 30, 2003 13:03

average temperature
I'm working on effect of tube insert in pipe on heat transfer enhancement.I want to know how I can produce the average temperature, velocity and pressure of fluid in any section of pipe. Thank's for your attention.

ashu December 30, 2003 19:00

Re: average temperature
Take the section and go for area averaged results, check or record the values...You can also find this with some of the interiors in the flow....

While creating BCs in gambit if you specify that at different locations you need to record the vel,pr or temp..., then create them and then look for area averaged values...

sijal ahmed January 1, 2004 01:43

Re: average temperature
just create the iso surface of grid, and then go to the report and then click the surface intergrals. in this panel use mass-average or area average of any variable on the created iso surface .

for further help about fluent , u r welcome


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