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sam December 31, 2003 09:38

Free surface wave pattern generation
dear users,

actually i want to analyze the wave pattern generated by any body e.g. a cube which is half submerged in water and remaining in air, cube is moving with velocity of say 1 m/ my question is that how i will model that problem in gambit and how can i deal with the free surface in fluent. Please guide in this problem. I will be greatful to all of you if you will tell me the correct way to simulate this problem. Thanks in advance.

mateus January 2, 2004 17:12

Re: Free surface wave pattern generation

You are going to work with Vof model in fluent. In gambit you define a geometry - is wise to work with structured mesh in this case. You are going to have some problems defining the boundary conditions. I recomend you the velocity inlet and pressure outlet. The initial water level can be patched to your geometry in fluent (chech the vof tutorial). The biggest problem your going to face is wave reflection at boundaries - the easiest way to avoid this is by makng a mesh really big so the wave amplitude is damped when it reaches the boundary.

Also check the previous messages on the forum - im shure youll find something

hope i helped



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