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Albert January 4, 2004 21:09

Help with UDF for BC needed.
Hi all! I am using DPM in my simulation. Fluent offers 3 types (tarpped, escape, reflect) of BC at WALL, and none of them fits my case. So I guess i have to write an UDF that would: 1. Calculate the amount of liquid trapped by the WALL 2. "Convert" the droplets to normal liquid that flows down the WALL 3. Flashes some part of the trapped liquid depending on the temperature of the WALL (not completely as it is defined for TRAP BC) I was just wondering if someone has any experience with this kind of stuff, especially 2. And may be someone could share with his/her UDF source to give an idea.

Thanks ahead!

Albert January 7, 2004 14:32

Re: Help with UDF for BC needed.
Is it very difficult to handle on my own? I have little experience in pascal only.

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