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swanshin January 5, 2004 19:31

[HELP] porous media in cylindrical channel
Hi! I'm trying to model cylindrical channel with porous medium inside. I'm having problem with deciding directional vector. Because I'm doing 2D simulation, there is only one direction vector I have to specify. It gives quite different result from (1,0) and (0,1) direction. Is there any other way to specify conical direction in 2D? or Is the some way to use cylindrical coordinate system in Fluent?

Thanks in advance

MN January 5, 2004 22:21

Re: [HELP] porous media in cylindrical channel
You can set up a 2d axisymmetric problem in FLUENT by creating a 2D mesh, with the axis of symmetric/center line on the x-axis, then making sure that within FLUENT, you specify the 2d axisymmetric model. Once you do this, the default setting for the porous zone direction ( (1,0) I believe) ) should work.

swanshin January 6, 2004 12:08

Re: [HELP] porous media in cylindrical channel
Thanks for replying. But my probelm is NOT axisymmetric problem. The coordinate I want to solve is NOT (r,z) coordinate BUT (r, theta) coordiante. Is there any way I can do this? or is there any way to specify porous directional vector in theta direction?

Thanks again

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