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Zhengcai Ye January 6, 2004 21:03

Are Case and Data files enough?
Hi, Everyone,

Recently I have a question to ask costumer service of Fluent. They asked me to send them my case and data file. However, after they received my files, they told me some problems which never existed in my project. Obviously they did not get the same information as I did in my computer.

So, my question is whether only case and data files are enough for other people to read the correct information at other computers?

Thanks for your any suggestion!

sijal January 6, 2004 23:41

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
yes , coz u cas file contains u mesh and boundary conditions. and ur data file contains ur solution thats why it is enough to send the cas and data file

tom January 7, 2004 05:10

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
If you are usign the non-premixed combustion model you would also have to send them your pdf file or if you are using a UDF you also need to send that as well, otherwise just the case and data file is enough.

DAE January 7, 2004 13:22

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
Had the files been corrupted when you sent them? They should be sent by ftp using binary, not ASCII.


Zhengcai Ye January 7, 2004 16:11

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
I sent them by email attachment (binary files). Does it cause any problem?


Zhengcai Ye January 7, 2004 16:21

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
There is a UDF in my case file. When I sent them case and date files, I did not sent dll file. However I sent my source code of UDF. Does missing dll file cause any reading problem?

Actually when I tried to read case and data files without dll file, I will get error information as follows,

Opening library "libudf"...

Error: open_udf_library: The system cannot find the path specified.

Error Object: ()

However, when I use Define->User-Defined->Functions->Compiled to add and compile UDF, everything is OK in my computer.

So, in my opinion,missing dll file should not cause any reading problem. What about your opinion

DAE January 8, 2004 05:02

Re: Are Case and Data files enough?
No, shouldn't do, and u r cocrrect in that as long as you send the source code, they can recompile the UDF and everything should be ok.

Do you know what the error was that they were getting?


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