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Riham January 14, 2004 17:45

Changing BC

I want to change one boundary type into another boundary type during computation automatically and periodicly by Fluent,for instance,changing the velocity inlet boundary to velocity outlet bounary.

Is there anyone to provide some specific help or suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

Andrew Garrard January 15, 2004 06:06

Re: Changing BC
Already been done.

DAE January 15, 2004 06:22

Re: Changing BC
If you are using the unsteady solver, and you want to change the boundary type at the end of a time step, use a journal file.


Riham January 15, 2004 11:34

Re: Changing BC
Thank you Andrew and DAE for your replies.

Please can you give me more details about my problem, I've never used journal file in Fluent but only in Gambit. and this is my first project in cfd.

Thanks a lot

DAE January 15, 2004 11:46

Re: Changing BC
The journal file is used to record commands i.e. record the commands used to change the bc and then modify the and edit the journal as required for your problem. Use the fluent documentation for info on recording journals


ccc January 15, 2004 21:54

Re: Changing BC
hi Riham, Adrew and DAE,

I think I am the first one who posted up this question.

first of all, I am sure the feasibility of changing boundary condition, since we can interrupt the computation, change the boundary type and make it run again.

second, it is a good and idea of using journal files, although a little boring, )-:

last, I am considering other methods, for example, by using lisp language since the GUI interface of fluent is written in this one. I know little of lisp.

good luck, everyone. ^-^

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