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Jim Clancy January 15, 2004 11:08

Grid near the wall
Hi all,

what is the best grid type near the wall, hexa or tetra? and why?


mateus January 15, 2004 11:45

Re: Grid near the wall

In any case the hex structured grid will work better and faster for you. The problem are cases with complicated geometry - thats why we use tet grid. The region near the wall shoul be made with hex grid since you have big gradients of velocity/ the near wall regions and the hex grid allined parralel to the wall provides you with better resolution.



ap January 15, 2004 15:09

Re: Grid near the wall
I agree with Mateus. If possible, hex grids works better. Switch to tet grids only if you can't easily decompose your domain in order to mesh it using hex.

Hi :)


Jim Clancy January 15, 2004 15:31

Re: Grid near the wall
Thanks Mat and ap. But the FV discretization will end up with cell surface intergrals disregard the cell type, am I right? ..Let us discuss it more here. Thanks

Regards Ahmed

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