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David January 16, 2004 03:13

How to run Fluent on the background?

I want to couple Fluent with other programs, and I need to run all the Fluent actions on the backfround, such as reading mesh, setting UDF B.C. & parameters, starting iteration and outputting results and so on. Could all these operations be taken automatically?and how? thanks.

emma January 16, 2004 04:56

Re: How to run Fluent on the background?
I am facing the same problem with you, I want to do coupling simulation with FLUENT and MATLAB/SIMULATION (unsteady), but I have no idear precently about how to transfer data with each other automaticaly and real-timely. Hope we can learn together.



David Jones January 16, 2004 05:30

Re: How to run Fluent on the background?
You can use journal files. just go to the file/write/start journal and do what you want for one time.then see the result journal file(it's like macro files in microsoft programs)and do what ever changes you want to do. at the next time you can read the journal file.

Robert Hart January 16, 2004 07:22

Re: How to run Fluent on the background?
In the unix, if you run fluent with the -g command line option, it should run without any graphics or gui. In this case it will read commands from the "standard input".

So all you need to do is write a program that prints fluent commands (of the text interface variety) and pipe them into fluent.

So as a really silly example:

echo " 3d /file/read-case-data \"test.cas\" exit " | fluent -g

How you actually go about doing this depends on how much control you have over the "other" programs - I assume from what you say that you are prepared to write a bit of code to glue the various parts together.

If you are using windows, then it might be more difficult.

David January 17, 2004 03:20

Re: How to run Fluent on the background?
I tried, it works well. In the CVF6.5 platform, these sentences can start fluent:


LOGICAL(4) result

result = SYSTEMQQ('fluent.bat')


and fluent.bat is:

@echo off (cd %systemdrive%\TEMP & %FLUENT_INC%\ntbin\nt%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\flue nt 3d(or 2d) %*)

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