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thomas January 16, 2004 05:11

domain and superdomain ???
Hi everyone, I am trying to implement a source term only in the first range of cells after a wall. The source term is hooked via energy equtaion for water (Euler-euler solver). What i need is to access the thread of teh wall (called tf_wall). The ID of teh wall is ID =2. Here is the part of the UDF i wrote:


{ Domain *domain;

Thread *tf_wall,

int ID =2;

Thread *tf_wall = Lookup_Thread(domain, ID);

...... }

Doing that i got an error message when i want to use the Thread tf_wall. As my define source is hooked up in the energy equation for water i wonder if the '*domain' pointer is the right one to put in the Lookup_Thread(domain, ID) macro. As far I understand my *domain is the sub_domain referring to water. Which domain should I use to get my wall thread using Thread *tf_wall = Lookup_Thread(domain, ID) ? Do i need the mixture_domain pointer to make it work?


thomas January 16, 2004 14:39

Re: domain and superdomain ???
I have Found my mistake thanks

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