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stephen e January 16, 2004 07:53

F_UDMI Problems
At present I am having troubles assigning a int to the F_UDMI. I run both the face and face_thread loops, then assign a int to the UDMI. There are two problems 1) On inspection it does not assign the int to the UDMI and 2)it crashes out on the 4th thread loop.

The loop is has follows (DEFINE_INIT):

thread_loop_f(fthread,domain) { begin_f_loop(f,fthread) { F_UDMI(f, fthread, 0)=b; b++; } end_f_loop(f,fthread) }

Any help would be appreciated!

Regards Stephen

Andrew Garrard January 17, 2004 10:01

Re: F_UDMI Problems
I have had several problems with FUDMI. I asked the fluent support guys for help, but they didn't have any answers. My problem involved the FUDMI assigning a value of 0 to every face, regardless of what the code did. I suspect that there may be a problem with FUDMI. I "cheated" and assigned the cell adjcent to the face the value of the FUDMI uisng something like this:

cell_t c0 = F_C0(f, thread);

Thread *thread_c = THREAD_T0(thread);

C_UDMI(c0, thread_c, 0) = (value);

Hope it is of some help!

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