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LOTFI January 17, 2004 07:41

Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!
Hi there

i have tried to install Gambit on windows 2000, but it does't work , If there is anyone who have some paper which explains how to install gambit on windows ,please help me (i have the gambit 2.0, fluent 6.0 and exceed 6 )

best whishes.

eric January 17, 2004 09:31

Re: Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!

All you have to do is load the software cd and it should install GAMBIT automatically. If not go into the GAMBIT file in the cd directory and manually install using set up.

Remeber, for windows 2000 you start gambit through command prompt.


ap January 17, 2004 15:59

Re: Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!
Windows 98 is not a supported operating system.

Hi :)


akula January 19, 2004 05:47

Re: Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!
i dont know about the latest release of gambit but it was requiring exceed + exceed 3d (a unix emulator) must be installed on your system to run in the past. you can use gridgen in win2k for fluent preprocessing which is more powerfull then gambit also runs smoothly on win2k...

adlane February 15, 2004 08:36

Re: Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!
hi, first excuse my english because i am frensh maternal, On win Gambit 2.0 need exceed 6.2 or eigher to run, if you haven't than u can download it on e-mule, u can consult the official site of fluent to lean how to configure gambit (with exceed) on win 2000

thank you

LOTFI February 15, 2004 14:05

Re: Gambit on Windows 98 or 2000 !!!
SAHA ,ADLANE YOU SPEAK " GOODLY ENGLISH" :) just for JOKE u Know BYE , thanks for response

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