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ctcon January 17, 2004 14:57

Catia and Fluent/Gambit
Hello all. Iv designed a Rocket in Catia v5r7 and also in v5r10. I now need to import this drawing/body into Fluent v6.0 but can't do it.

Can any1 tell me how this is acheived? I read that geometry can be imported from Catia v4 to Gambit v2.1 but this doesnt help as im using catia v5! Not sure what version Gambit. Just the standard 1 that came with Fluent v6 Software.

Thanx in advance (i hope!) Chris

jens January 19, 2004 11:13

Re: Catia and Fluent/Gambit

I was able to import IGES Files from Catia v5r7 into Gambit.


gelislim January 19, 2004 15:16

Re: Catia and Fluent/Gambit
Hi ctcon,

There are several different options for importing a model from Catia. First one is the most effective one. Save your v5 model as v4 and try to import it into Gambit. However, you need a special Gambit licence key for that. Secon option is to use IGES file or STEP file. After creating the geometry in Catia (or any other cad package) save your geometry as a IGES or a STEP file and import it into Gambit. I strongly recommend you to use STEP option instead of IGES. Importing a STEP file creates much more CLEAN geometry than IGES.


hooman9821 October 13, 2015 07:48

importing file from catia v5 to gambit 2.4
hi my friends
how can I import file which is drawing in catia v5 to gambit?

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