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Andrew Garrard January 20, 2004 13:03

wall in fluids flow.
Has anyone tried anything like this, if so, will it work and are there any tips.

I wish to create two flows, seperated by a wall. However, I also the flow field to be solved as if the wall was not there, so I am planning on setting the absolute components of momentum to be the x,y and z velocities from the flow on the other side.

There is a reason I wish to attempt this. Any comments or suggestions would be apprectiated

co2 January 20, 2004 14:46

Re: wall in fluids flow.
make your wall by splitting your volume by a face or by cutting your face by an edge. when you export your mesh from GAmbit to fluent you will get a wall and wall shadow. when you want to solve your problem without the wall, just convert your wall into interior.


Andrew Garrard January 21, 2004 05:25

Re: wall in fluids flow.
Thankyou for your comments, but I need to solve the simuliation without the wall is unimportant to my study, I need for the wall to exist, but not the flow field to react as if it did not, in the same calculation.

gelisli January 23, 2004 03:13

Re: wall in fluids flow.
What is the purpose of the wall in your calculation. What will you use it for? If you are trying to avoid viscous effects you can use symmetry bc instead of wall. In this case wall does not cause any momentum loss but it directs the flow so as to derivatives of all flow variables normal to the wall are zero. If your aim is to use the wall as a postprocess surface you can make it interior. If you can explain, clearly, what your aim is, may be we can suggest a few things.



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