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Riham January 23, 2004 12:57

Thermal B.C at walls
Hi everyone,

There is 5 options in thermal B.C at walls, do I have to choose only one of them or can I choose more than one if I know all the parameters?

In case I choose only one, say heat flux, does fluent take into consideration the default value, for the specified temperature for example, in the calculation?

Thank you so much.

Andrew Garrard January 26, 2004 06:07

Re: Thermal B.C at walls
When setting a thermal boundary conditions you can only specify heat flux OR temperature. To set both would be to overconstrain the equations. If you set the heat flux the code should calculate the temperature and visa versa. For example, if you set the heat flux and the local velocity increases then the temperature at the wall may well drop due to increased convection.

Hope some of this helps

Anton January 26, 2004 20:52

Re: Thermal B.C at walls
or you could specify a heat transfer coefficient and an external temperature, in which case Fluent will calculate a wall temperature and a heat flux based on those boundary conditions.

Riham January 27, 2004 14:57

Re: Thermal B.C at walls
Thank you so much Andrew and Anton.

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