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David harvey January 29, 2004 14:45

Scalar Transport Equations
I am working on a model for a PEMFC. I am using the scalar transport equations to model the electric potentials as well as the ionic potentials in the Fuel Cell. My question specifically relates to the implementation of the scalar transport equations across a solid medium. I know that in earlier versions of fluent this was not possible, I am now working with the most current version of Fluent. I would like to know if there is a way to define my membrane as a solid medium and still solve the UDS transport equation for potentials?



Andrew Garrard January 31, 2004 07:15

Re: Scalar Transport Equations
I am also wokring on PEMFC's and have encountered the same problem. I don't know why Fluent dosen't allow the UDS to propergate into the Solid medium - I assume that it would be very easy for them to do. If anyone konws how to do this, or has any suggestions of "dirty tricks" to get around the problem I would also be very interested in hearing them.

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