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prasanth January 31, 2004 01:38

which model is preferred?
hi ppl, repeating same old question, In your view, which is the better model in multiphase models and some suggestions for simulating a closed vertical cyl. tank with liq. hydrogen filled upto some 80% and remaining filled with vapor hydrogen, a constant heat flux is applied on side walls (cyl. wall) or all sides. We have to simulate natural convection and thermal stratification in it and surface evaporation at liq. vap interface at saturation. thnks and regds prasanth

thomas January 31, 2004 08:48

Re: which model is preferred?
Hello, The VOF model seems to suit your problem best. However i think yur gonna have to write a udf to take into account the interfacial evaportaion. A source term in the equation solving the phases interface can help you to compute the mass and energy transfer due to evaporation. The difficulty for me will be to implement this source term ONLY AT the interface. Also you can perfectly realised that with the euler euler model. hope this can help. Cheers, thomas

prasanth January 31, 2004 09:05

Re: which model is preferred?
Dear Thomas, Thanks for your kind reply. I tried with mixture model. Even VOF model is doing , the temperature profiles and stream contours are not in acceptable way. Presently I am putting source terms in the continuity equations of liquid and vapr and energy equations for evaporation. but since it is homogeneous fluid, I am not assure of the equation I am using, i.e. there is no particular references available. I would be thankful, if you can convey me some if you came across. one more thing , mine is natural convection problem with interface evaporation, so that turbulence panel, effect of buoyancy is not getting when we select multiphase model. I HAVE STUDIED TO A MIN,. LEVEL ABOUT EULER-EULER MODELING AND FORMULATION.

If you can and willing to, we can proceed our discussions in e-mail. thnks and regds prasanth

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