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nico January 31, 2004 19:13

Lift distribution along wing
What's the best way to do it? Do i need to export Cp data along the wing and write a program to analyse that or is there a better solution?

I ll be interested in getting: + Wing lift distribution + wing induced drag dsitribution + profile drag distribtion


Ace February 2, 2004 03:40

Re: Lift distribution along wing
Well i think you have problem with post processing of the results.....I suggest you look at the tutorials regarding post processing especially cooling of chip

Cheers Ace

nico February 2, 2004 13:21

Re: Lift distribution along wing
The thing is that i can get Cp on all the surface ( so X Y and Z) put not along a line on the wing. (I dont think fluent can do that CFX can) Then with the Cp over the wing i ll need to integrate it and get cl. The only way i found is to export Cp data over the wing surface for all the nodes and integrate the Cp at intervals of Z. But this very time consuming. On CFX it s possible to build polyline intersecting a plane and a surface (the wing) and then plot Cp along the polyline. But i havent found anything like that into Fluent.

Thanks again

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