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Neser February 2, 2004 09:29

fails saying “small gaps”
I am a new user for FLUENT 6.0. My problem is:

When I let the Gambit mesh the entire operating room volume using Tgrid meshing, it fails. I increased the number of nodes, but it also fails saying "small gaps". I used the proximity surface-function at small edges (i.e. operating table thickness), but with sorry, the same fail and an error note "small gaps" appear.

I am asking for your help through this problem.

javier February 2, 2004 12:34

Re: fails saying “small gaps”
This problem usually appear when the celd is not enough little to fill some part of the volume. But im not sure, it can be from other nature.

Anton February 2, 2004 21:16

Re: fails saying “small gaps”
It can't grow tets because some of your geometry has very small gaps in it. Check your geometry to make sure you don't have any very small slivers or physical gaps. Under the faces geometry, choose connected, and click on "find smallest edge". Gambit will look for the smallest edge in your geometry. You may a small edge that you can't see. If your geometry is okay, then try breaking your volumes into smaller ones that you can mesh individually.

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