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Dominick February 3, 2004 17:47

Laser Heat Flux & UDF

Does anyone of you ever tried to create a UDF for the heat flux of an incoming laser? (Like in laser processing and deposition)

If your laser is focused on a solid wall that is bordered by fluid zones, how can you input the UDF to the solid face since you can only do this if your faces (face01 and face01-shadow) are uncoupled (which then removes the link between the solid/fluid interface)?

I know how to program the UDF, but integrating it adequately seems a lot more complicated!!!

Thanks for the advice, Dominick

AE February 8, 2004 08:48

Re: Laser Heat Flux & UDF

I once tried to solve a laser problem, i gave the laser power to the wall on the solid side and the uncoupled shadow face on the fluid side was adiabatic. I did not write a UDF. I did not have enough data to compare the results but they "somehow" looked reasonable. What is your opinion about such an approach?

Best AE

Dominick February 8, 2004 19:10

Re: Laser Heat Flux & UDF

I actually did the same thing. I wrote a UDF consisting of the laser's Gaussian intensity profile which I applied to the solid-directed face as a non-constant heat flux. The fluid-directed face was put with a null heat flux (adiabatic).

The problem I have is that I obtain too-high temperature because (I think) the heat from the solid surface does not dissipate enough through the fluid since the face is considered adiabatic.

AE February 12, 2004 16:46

Re: Laser Heat Flux & UDF
I got too high temperatures too, but only in 2D. When I switched to 3D everything was OK. (i dont know the reason)



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