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Siva February 4, 2004 09:17

Regarding Two phase flow
Hi all,

I am doing my project in two phase analysis of carburettor.Do any one know how to give the boundary condition for the carburetor model. i had given the pressure inlet and pressure outlet condition for air flow.But i want to know how to lift the fuel from the bowl to the venturi by means of pressure drop that is created in the venturi.

FJ February 8, 2004 23:32

Re: Regarding Two phase flow

How about the species transport model?. VOF model does not suit your problem ,I think, beecause there are any models to calculate species transport equation in VOF model except UDS . If you are interested in the interface behavior, VOF model becomes better choice.



FJ February 17, 2004 05:39

Re: Regarding Two phase flow

I mean, there are NOT any models to calculate the species transport equations with VOF model except UDS. VOF + Species transport will be including the next version of Fluent.



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