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Cfdtoy February 5, 2004 17:25

Dynamic Meshes

Im working on Dynamic Meshes. Fluent Manual talks about the tutorial on dynamic meshes ...files namely valve.c and valve.msh...if you guyz know where to get the files from so that I can load it and work out the CFd on Dynamic meshes..

how do u create Grid Interfaces on the first hand ? ...if someone has knowledge on dynamic meshes..please advice.



HVN February 6, 2004 05:12

Re: Dynamic Meshes
On the tutorial CD or on the Fluent user service website.

cip dany February 6, 2004 13:14

Re: Dynamic Meshes
for the first question in the fluent documentation there is an direcory where are all the examples meshes. for the second for example 2d you have do create 2 lines one on the other without using the same points. all you have to do is to create to points with the same coordinates and be careful nut using the same ones for doing the lines

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