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Ehsan Alborzi February 9, 2004 16:36

3D Gas Turbine Combustor
Hi I am using fluent 6 for modeling a 3d gas turbine combustor.(Kerosen+air) I want to solve it firstly with cold flow but i dont know why i have reverse flow even in inlet.The dimensions are taken from lab.i was thinking that it is related to the lenght of combustor.i changed it but i still have the same problem. Whenever i change the flow direction from component to normal to boundary the revese flow will disapear. actually i want to see the swirling flow arround the air swireler. So you are kindly requested to help me with this concern. 2. i am not able to set my viscous model boundary condition for air swirling. Regards

juzer_700 May 18, 2012 05:17

Hey, I'm trying to simulate combustion chamber (cold flow) in ANSYS FLUENT> BUt it is showing reverse flow. I am actually simulating in 2D-Axisymmetrical. I want to see the effect of swirl, so I mentioned the swirl number.

Am I doing anymistake.
Did you manage to correct your simulation and succeded in doing it?

Please reply.

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