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A8anato_psofimi February 14, 2004 09:48

Permeability for porous zones
Hello, I have porous zones in my model, and I need help determining the permeability alpha and inertial coefficient C2, mentioned in the Fluent help. I know the porosity, and the actual geomtry of the perforated plates. However, I do not have pressure drop data. There is another equation that involves a C coefficient based on Reynolds number. In the help it says it is tabulated, but I do not know where to get the table values. Does anyone know where to find this table? Or does anyone know a different method for calculating permeability based on the geometry of the porous zone?

Evan Rosenbaum February 17, 2004 14:25

Re: Permeability for porous zones
You need a function for the pressure drop through a perforated plate. Idel'Chik gives several such functions. Then you can set your function equal to the sink term from the FLUENT manual to solve for alpha and C2.

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