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Nial Horton February 16, 2004 09:12

creating a pressure profile
HI. I am using fluent and gambit for my thesis and am looking at a 3d flume with rough bed. I have created a model that my lecturer is satisfied with and am trying to create a pressure profile to test the examine the model. I was told that I can just go to DEFINE - PROFILES - WRITE and choose the face and type of profile. Then save these as a text file and change them as I please but on the type of CAD computer I am using i cannot save anything but gambit or fluent files so is there any other way of creating this profile.


Andrew Garrard February 17, 2004 05:39

Re: creating a pressure profile
You could overcome this problem using a User Defined Function. However, learning how to do this is a fiarly length process if you only wish to perform one task, such as creating a porfile. It is unusual that your system will not let you save anthing except, say .CAS, .DAT, .MSH and .DBS files. Have you tried saving the profile text with a .MSH extention to "fool" you system into thinking that it is a fluent file?

Andrew Garrard February 18, 2004 06:26

Re: creating a pressure profile
Please don't email me - this forum exists for a reason. You say that your system will only let you save fluent and gambit data, not text files? How dose it make this distinction? Have you tried saving your profile with a .CAS or .DAT extention. Your system may well allow you do do this. You can then read the .cas file as a profile by canging the filter at the top of the read profile box.

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