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Elgreco February 17, 2004 14:09

Fluent Manual Online
Does anyone know where I can view the help files (manual) for Fluent 6.1? The website I knew is not working.

Elgreco February 17, 2004 15:21

Re: Fluent Manual Online
Never mind...I realized I have the help on pdf format on the computer. However, it could be of help to others, and me as well since pdf is considerably slower.

wmer February 19, 2004 03:22

Re: Fluent Manual Online
thanks!may you email it to me? Email

Elgreco February 19, 2004 06:25

Re: Fluent Manual Online
Each chapter is about 1.5mb and there are over 30 chapters. I dont think I can send it to you via email. That is why I said that despite me finding it on pdf, it would be helpful to others if we can still find it in html format. Try checking a p2p. Who know what you find there.

jx February 19, 2004 13:31

Re: Fluent Manual Online
The default installation for documentations will winstall both HTML and PDF versions. If you did not delibrately deselect the HTML version during your installation, you should have the html files on your computer. Just use your web browser to open the index.html file.


Elgreco February 19, 2004 15:42

Re: Fluent Manual Online
I have looked for it. I do have both the pdf and html for gambit, but for fluent, the html help seems to be incomplete. The UDF help works for html, but the users guide isnt installed correctly.

JC February 20, 2004 11:57

Re: Fluent Manual Online
Sometime it does not work! But, fortunately it works now!

hedonists February 26, 2004 21:11

Re: Fluent Manual Online
Does anyboday have document for UDF of Fluent 6.1, espcially (6.1.22)? Thanks.

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