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jx February 19, 2004 13:19

where to open the file
Hi, dear Fluent users,

I have a UDF doing some calculations. I can output them to FLUENT console fine (as FLUENT automatically links the file pointer to console when I use Message() macro and printf() function).

But I wish to ouput some certain results to a file (because fluent console contains too much other information, like iteration residual, etc). The problem is that my writing functions are in the DEFINE_EXECUTE_AT_END() macro (i.e., I want the results at every iteration).

So my question is, should I open the file in which function/macro? If I open the file in DEFINE_EXCUTE_AT_END() macro, wouldn't that mean I open the file every time I try to write data in? I understand I may find a way to open the file in an appended mode, but it would be better if I can open it once and keep it open till the end of my computations.

This sounds like a C question but it is related to how fluent dealing with functions/macros in a UDF.

Thanks for suggestions,

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