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tseo February 20, 2004 13:57

plot the gradient for scalar
Hello, I am simulating the fluid flow coupled with one scalar in the aixsymmetric system. In the problem, I'd like to get the data for the gradient of scalar with respect of radius (dC/dr) along the wall. Could any one tell me how to get it? Thank you very much in advance.

thomas February 20, 2004 14:15

Re: plot the gradient for scalar
Hi Stock your scalar in a UDSI variable. Then you can get the gradiant from C_UDSI_G(cell,thread,n)[i] where i is the component you want. In 2D axy, r is -> Y. So for (dC/dr) your macro will be C_UDSI_G(cell,thread,n)[1]. If you want to post-treat this gradient you have to stock the value in a UDMI such as C_UDMI(cell, thread, n) = C_UDSI_G(cell,thread,n)[1];

Cheers thomas.

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