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co2 February 22, 2004 11:31

animation - playback - MPEG
I am using the play back option in animation pannel to write a MPEG file. But the results in MPEG files run too fast .. can some one suggest me a way to control this speed ?

thanks, charu

Karthick February 23, 2004 00:39

Re: animation - playback - MPEG

I am also facing the same problem. But some body suggested me to save each time frame pic as tiff format or some other picture format. After that use some animation sotware like Antechinus Animator to convert all the tiff files to mpeg format.

Other than this, is anybody suggest any other better method.

- Karthick

mateus February 23, 2004 07:30

Re: animation - playback - MPEG

The method that you're using is probabbily the best option. Also the output file (movie) will have a much better quality if you make it manually (not directly from Fluent).



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