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ccc February 22, 2004 12:00

UDF in the aixsymmetric system£¿
hi guys,

Does anyone have the experience of using udf in the aixsymmetric system? where the differences lie? it seems nothing about such case is mentioned in the udf manual. thanks in advance.

good luck.

thomas February 23, 2004 14:28

Re: UDF in the aixsymmetric system£¿
Hi, In fluent it has been made a variable change such as: 2D(X,Y,Z) -> 2D-axi(r,theta,z). The correspondance is: X -> z Y -> r Z -> theta. In case you compute a force flux, you need to know that the theta depth is one radian. So to get the whole force you have to multpply your force by 2*PI.

Normally you do not need to do any adaptation when you write your formula in your UDF cause this change of variable allow a go from 2D to 2D axy without any change. It does exist some reference in the documentation, i have seen them once but i cannot refind them.

good luck !

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