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mario February 24, 2004 09:50

Problem with SLIP entity and Thetrahedric on FIDAP

I have a problem when use thetrahedric elements and SLIP entity.

Are there some incompatibilities between them? I am using FIDAP.


I use quadratic thetrahedric elememts for meshing a simplify 3D geometry (using simmetry), then the design have two planes of symmetry. One of them is normal to coordinates axis, but another is not. The first plane is declarated type PLOT, the secon plane is declarted type SLIP. I am use PRESURE (mixe, Cont) and Laminar Flow.

When the simulation finished (converge) The vectors velocities on the plane SLIP is Physicaly wrong in some nodes. However the vector velocities in the volume is good, but perturbed by the plane SLIP.

I guess that there are an imcompatibilities between both, because when I reemplaze thetrahedric for hexahedric elements All the vector velocities are god. I use same Boundary conditions.

All helps is welcome. Thanks.


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