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zago February 25, 2004 08:23

error reading xy data
i want to compare experimental data with the data from the simulation by reading xy data (as described in the fluent user guid chapter 20.8.5).

everytime i want to load the data file the messages "Error: File "LDA_A_vax_887" not found. and "Error Object: #f " appear in the command line.

the files which i want to read in are formated the same way as shown in the user manual. The same files worked some months ago .

i have also generated a file which includes the same information as the example shown in the user guide (by copy and paste from the pdf-file) with no success.

i hope that somebody can give me a hint to solve that problem!

thanks christoph

Ale February 25, 2004 11:05

Re: error reading xy data
I don't know the solution of your problem, but maybe you could write the results of your simulations in a text file (check 'Write to file' in the plot xy panel), and compare them to experimental data using any worksheet (e.g., Excell).



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