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George March 2, 2004 17:41

Fluent error in periodic PDF combustion cases??
Hi everybody,

I recently tried to simulate my NG combustion case on a rotationally periodic grid. With the Magnussen-Hjertager model I get relatively good results, so I'd like to compare them with assumed PDF model and laminar flamelet model. But I get unrealistic (low) temperature profiles around the rotationally periodic faces. Did somebody of you get into this kind of trouble or otherwise has a positive experience?

Thanks, George

George March 4, 2004 08:48

The Fluent error is located
I just want to let you know I found the reason for the physically incorrect behaviour. It was coused by "node-based" gradient calculation option in the "Solver" panel. When I switch to the older cell-based method, the error vanishes. So there must be an error in the implementation of the node-based gradient calculation, which however has effect only in certain circumstances.

good luck G.

shankar March 8, 2004 17:45

The Fluent error
hi , this is shankar, i have done modeling using gambit and when iam trying to read the mesh in fluent6, fluent gives some error. It says - no cells in zone id=0, ind1=1 and ind n=0 i donno what that means. i have tried many ways modeling and trying to read in fluent. but the same error always shows up.

If any one knows some thing about this,please give me an email . i would be very much thankful.


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