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Shane March 11, 2004 20:28

Discrete Phase Model
Hi All,

Is there any way to specify the number of parcels FLUENT inject at each timestep?

Thanks Shane

thomas March 12, 2004 13:19

Re: Discrete Phase Model
Hello, the flow rate you are gonna fix will give you the number of parcels injected in your domain, knowing the parcel density of course.


Shane March 14, 2004 19:40

Re: Discrete Phase Model

Thanks for you reply. This was what I expected but has not been the case so far. Changing the flowrate hasn't changed the number of particles injected. At any given flowrate, 272 particles are injected per time step. This happen even if the number of particles per parcel is less than one.

Do you have any other ideas to why this might be.

Thanks Shane

Jun March 15, 2004 17:07

Re: Discrete Phase Model
Hi, Shane If you are using turbulence model, you may specify the number of tries in DPM->injection->turbulence dispersion->stochastic model->number of tries. I guess your release plane has exactly 272 facets. You can see it by surface->plane->manage. If that's the case, the final number tracted would be 272*#of tries. An alternative way is to refine the region where you release the particles so that you can have more facets. Hope it helps.


Shane March 15, 2004 21:22

Re: Discrete Phase Model
Thanks Jun,

My release plane does have 272 facets. I will try to refine it and see how things go.


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