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Boris March 12, 2004 03:04

ICEM CFD Modules
We consider purchasing ICEM CFD Hex to replace Gambit for the generation of stuctured meshes. The vendor advises us to purchase ICEM CFD Basic also, which functions as the platform for the Hex module. Is that so? The price ICEM CFD Basic is comparable to the Hex module, which is beyond our budget.

Those who are the users of ICEM CFD please advise.

Thank you.

D. Phyfe March 12, 2004 15:37

Re: ICEM CFD Modules
I would suggest staying with Gambit - the meshing for hex is much more straight forward... I believe the GAMBIT hex mesher to be much fast then ICEM's

never mind GAMBIT isn't any "extra" $$ -- ICEM's strongest selling point is the ability to handle poor CAD geometry...

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