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manoj March 12, 2004 04:09

null user-defined-function name
I have written a udf for constant slip velocity for the dispersed phase. i have used the interpreted type of udf. but when i hook that udf in the slip velocity panel in interaction panel for two phases, the erro comes saying "Set_Property: null user-defined-function name". this error is coming for some of the simulations only. there was no error when i hooked it to other simulations and i could get the desired results. can anybody help me in this. why this error is coming for some simulations only? thanks in advance.

ap March 12, 2004 12:00

Re: null user-defined-function name
I had a similar problem. I don't know why, but I bypassed it doing this:

- Open the case file and hook the UDF.

- Save the case file.


- Open fluent again and reload the case file.

- Set the property in the interaction panel.

Hope this works

Hi :)


taufikakbarf June 5, 2013 20:22

find same problem. need a solution
can anyone solve this problem? i have this problem too. Is my Fluent doesnt installed correctly? or there is a setting to solve this problem? because i dont find any clue in google.

sorry for my bad English :o

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