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António Nery March 15, 2004 14:27

Drag Coefficient

How can I determinate the aerodynamics coefficients(drag and lift) in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional body in Fluent 6.0?


António Nery

mike March 15, 2004 17:57

Re: Drag Coefficient
In the menu Solve>Monitors>Force... you can select what coefficients do you want to report and how to do it: in the screen, in a file (with the name specificated where "c.-history" is showed), in a graphic, or combined.

mateus March 16, 2004 04:37

Re: Drag Coefficient

If you want just the converged values go to the "report-forces" and print them.

best regards


Jason March 30, 2004 10:03

Re: Drag Coefficient
I also used the same way like toutorial to slove the external flow of truck. But I can'nt get the right answer about drag coefficient (Cd<1). My case is 3d and unstructure mesh. Finally I got Cd using custom field function. I can'nt make sure that this is a right answer.

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