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Mazyar March 17, 2004 22:53

Heat Exchanger

I am trying just a very simple heat exchanger. Assume two flows with different temperatures, each in a duct separated with a wall between them. What type of BC shall I define the wall, separating the flows? I just defined it as WALL, and also when imported the file in FLUENT, it generated its shadow, then I coupled them.

Thank you

Mazyar March 18, 2004 00:13

Re: Heat Exchanger
Actually it seems that the solver does not solve anything for one of those zones.

Johnny March 25, 2004 06:34

Re: Heat Exchanger
Any luck? I am trying to simulate a finned evaporator coil. I'm using the wall temperature condition, but find the cooling is not as much as the measured value...Any further thoughts?

mazyar March 25, 2004 12:12

Re: Heat Exchanger
No, I didnt work on it much. I initialized all the domains then patched a temp. and vel. to another zone. but it seemed that my solver is just solving one zone, not 2 zones.

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