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alice March 19, 2004 04:35

Central Differencing Scheme in Fluent
I used the text command : solve/set/discretization-scheme/mom 3. mom representing momentum, and 3 is the value given for the central differencing scheme. my model does not use large eddie simulation. the manual however says central differencing is only available for LES, but i get a solution which converges differently from the default 1st order upwind scheme. Could it be that Central differencing is available for other models?

Melih GULEREN March 19, 2004 09:05

Re: Central Differencing Scheme in Fluent
As I know, this scheme is only used for LES and DNS. And for LES, it is strongly advised to use the scheme rather then 1st,2nd or QUICK shemes.


mystic_cfd March 21, 2004 08:30

Re: Central Differencing Scheme in Fluent
Hi Alice

You have successfully activated the central-differencing (CD) by using the text interface. Fluent recommends CD for LES and DNS, and it is not possible to activate the model using the GUI (graphics interface) unless you also activate LES in the GUI.

Just be careful when going back to the GUI for settings of the solver. In some cases Fluent complains that you should not be using the CD option without LES and will then automatically re-activate 1st order differencing. Always check that the scheme you want is active by running solve/set/discretization-scheme/mom before starting further iterations.

Enjoy the fairest Cape and may the convergence be with you.

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