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Ryan March 19, 2004 05:12

Can fluent simulate this?
I use VOF model to simulate the free surface flow (air and water). Now I want to include a vertically moving object into it. The object is submerged by water, moving up at a constant speed until a little below the surface of water. The objective is to study the effect of object motion on free surface flow.

Can Fluent simulate it? I had accomplished the simulation of free surface flow without moving object. How can the motion be included? Any adjustments to the previous work?


mateus March 20, 2004 08:11

Re: Can fluent simulate this?

You'll have to use dynamic mesh for that problem...Maybe, but realy just maybe it could be done with sliding mesh...



phil March 23, 2004 07:25

Re: Can fluent simulate this?
I have been looking into a similar problem, it would seem with fluent 6.1 you should be able ot do it however it will fail. 6.2 should manage to do this problem I am told through a change they have made which allows for compressibility of the water

Ryan March 23, 2004 08:42

Re: Can fluent simulate this?
Is your problem related to water's compressibility? However, in my problem, objects' velocity is very low, and water can be treated as uncompressible. I don't know how to include object's vertical motion into the simulation. How did you handle it?

If uncompressible, could Fluent 6.1 do this? Another question, when will 6.2 be published?

phil March 23, 2004 08:53

Re: Can fluent simulate this?
No my problem isnt related to water compressibility as such, basically i am trying to model bouyancy of an object and trhe motion relative to small changes in free surface position. I'm afraid I can't remember the full explanation as to why the water needs to be treated as compressible (only a very small compressibility)however it did seem to make sense at the time. I have seen a case modelled in a pre-release version of 6.2 and it appears to work ok. As for when its available, im not sure i was told that beta versions would be released shortly. It is probably worth your while contacting fluent to find out beta release and full release dates

Ryan March 23, 2004 09:24

Re: Can fluent simulate this?
Do you have that case at hand? Would you mind sending it to me for a reference?

phil March 23, 2004 09:27

Re: Can fluent simulate this?
no sorry i dont have it at hand, it was part of a presentation that fluent gave to us to let us know what was coming up in the new release and tempt us into renewing our maintenance.

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