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Stephen March 28, 2004 19:11

Tecplot Export Problems
I am using Fluent 6.1. I am exporting 3D velocity data to Tecplot version 9.2. The problem is that after I chose my x,y,and z velocities the outlet only has the vectors. The velocity vectors along the two other surfaces which I have included do not. I wanted to see how the results looked after a couple 100 iterations and after exporting, it worked fine. But after convergence and after exporting the velocity vectors, they show up only on the outlet. When I view the velocity vectors in FLUENT it's perfect, no problem. But when I view the text file that is produced by FLUENT to be read in tecplot it shows 0's where velocity vector data should be. I have no idea what is wrong. I have rebooted my computer and everything. I started the problem 1st order and then after convergence was determined I switched to 2nd order.

Peter March 28, 2004 23:22

Re: Tecplot Export Problems
If you have assumed no slip conditions at the wall then you won't have any velocity vectors. What you can do is create a plane parallel to the surface you want to show the velocity vectors. Hope this helps.

Stephen March 29, 2004 10:00

Re: Tecplot Export Problems
When I use the Fluent loader the velocity vectors are shown on the surface I want. This is what I remembered doing at first. Now, I have defined a scheme to calculated the heat transfer coefficient(htc) on the surface. I need this loaded in. So I export the data, such as velocity magnitude, htc, x,y,and z velocities. This is all I need. Now when I try to display the velocity vectors on the same surface using this method they do not show up. I also wnat my velocity vectors muticolored and related to teh velocity magnitude contours. Any help please?

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