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Julytli March 28, 2004 23:01

Buying fluent software
Hi, My boss asked me to choose the Fluent software. I plan to choose GAMBIT as preprocessor, Fluent 6.1 and a postprocessor. Does anybody have any suggestions on postprocessor? I used to use Tecplot, how about fieldview. Meanwhile, is GAMBIT better than other preprocessors? Thanks.

Fluenter March 28, 2004 23:29

Re: Buying fluent software
GAMBIT is not better than other preprocessors, but it ia necessary to the fluent. About the postprocessor, Both TECPLOT and Fieldview are better, I think.

Charles March 29, 2004 02:40

Re: Buying fluent software
Ensight is also a popular post-processor. But depending on the kind of geometry that you will be building grids for, surplus money may be better spent on a third party grid generation program.

Paul Chapman March 30, 2004 20:35

Re: Fluent Post Processing
If you haven't spent the time learning how to use the FLUENT post processing capabilities, you might be surprised how good it is. The direct coupling to the solver is extremely valuable to the intermediate process of reviewing, making adjustments or just setting up planes that automatically plot as the solution proceeds. The lighting models and hardcopy options are often overlooked by novices.

While there are occaisons where an adjunct post-processing is useful,if you are new to FLUENT, it might be worth using it for a year or two before buying extra stuff.

The Ensight and Fieldview people you see at shows might not give you that impression...

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