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Nurul Murad April 1, 2004 22:09

Meshing Techniques & k-omega turbulence model
Hey all,

Question 1

Recently I used three different grid generation technique to simulate for external aero for a simplified model. Those three techniques are 1)fully hex, 2) Fully Tet and 3) Hybrid (Hex close to the wall and Tet everywhere else). I did grid adaptations and achieved grid independence. The final results showed that hybrid mesh gave the closest comparison to experimental data. I used std k-epsilon with non-equilibrium wall model.

Why is it so? Hex should give the better results due to minimum skewness in its grid shape.

Question 2

How come k-omega turbulence model does not come with a 2-layer wall model option?

Tudor Miron April 2, 2004 12:19

Re: Meshing Techniques & k-omega turbulence model
Is it about Ahmed body?

Thanks Ted

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