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francesco montagnani April 2, 2004 09:55

curved surfaces in airpak
Hello to everybody! I have to model, for my thesis, a room of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The problem is the curved ceiling. Is it possible model the upper part of the room, made by a Volta? In CFX 5.6 is easy, by importing a Igs file, but i'd prefer work with airpak. Can anyone help me?

co2 April 2, 2004 14:10

Re: curved surfaces in airpak
Palazzo Pitti ! -- may I get more information on your work ? why are you modeling it?

francesco montagnani April 3, 2004 03:08

Re: curved surfaces in airpak
We'll clean frescoes with 10% ammonium carbonate in water. We obtain ,free in the air, ammonia, water vapor and carbonium dioxide. Over 50 ppm ammonia is no good to inalate!!! My thesis in civil engineering have the scope the cleaning of the air in closed spaces from contaminant. In Palazzo Pitti, i think works will be 2-3 years long, for one room. My Problem is the Volta with frescoes, too much geometrically complex for Airpak. CFX 5.6 is good for geometry but complex! Can anyone help me for the double non uniform curvature of the volta in Airpak? Thanks everybody

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