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Ashish April 3, 2004 19:58

few questions on fluent and gambit?
Hello everyone,I am rather new to fluent...but know few things on how to use it as well as gambit.i am having trouble with few things, i would be glad if anyone can help me with the following problems.

I would like to know How to view a Meshed object in fluent.

I meshed a bracket in gambit, how do i change the background color from black to white.

I would like to know how to implement grid adaption technique for a meshed model in fluent.

how do i draw a line on a meshed object say inside a 2d pipe, in fluent, so that i can use it to measure turbulence values along that line.

thanks a lot in advance


zxaar April 4, 2004 05:49

Re: few questions on fluent and gambit?
well for all the other questions i am afraid you have to read tutorials, they answer all the things u asked, one thing you might feel difficult to get is how to change gambits background, that i will tell: in EDIT menu, click on 'defaults' in this tab- chose 'graphics' .. in the end of these variables there is a variable called 'WINDOWS_BACKGROUND_COLOR' set its value to 'white'

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