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paolo April 5, 2004 11:15

pressures in MDM - parallel fluent

I have a problem:

I'm running an unsteady analysis of an oscillating wing using the moving and deforming mesh feature. I'm running the parallel version of fluent and I would like to export at each time step the pressures on the wing surface.

I tried using the export feature, ascii mode, but it doesn't work for parallel version of fluent.

So I tried to write an UDF function to export the pressures, but again In parallel mode I cannot write the pressures on the surface wing....

Is it possible to write an UDF function to write these informations?


FJ April 7, 2004 00:38

Re: pressures in MDM - parallel fluent

In this kind of problem ,we have to do re-coding to write values . In paralle, there are some nodes and host. Ordinary coding doesn't divide this nodes or host and this thing makes a problem.

So this writing process has to be done in the host. In UDF, RP_NODE, RP_HOST is defined. Details of this macro is showed in the UDF User's Guide.

Thank you


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