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David April 7, 2004 03:41

How to activate"spring-all-shapes"?
I use dynamic mesh model to simulate a FSI problem, and the user-defined motion type was adopted based UDF. I found the spring-based mesh motion method did not work when structural mesh or mixed mesh with structural boundary layer mesh was used, so I want to activated the function"spring-all-shapes" through text command according to Fluent Guide.

Fluent prompts:"By default, spring-based smoothing on non-triangular or non-tetrahedral cell zones are turned off. If you want to use spring-based smoothing on all cell shapes, you can turn on the model for these zones using the text-interface command spring-on-all-shapes? in the dynamic-mesh-menu."

But the fllowing error occurs when I input the command "spring-on-all-shapes".

/define/models/dynamic-mesh-controls> spring-on-all-shapes

Error: eval: unbound variable Error Object: help

How to solve this problem?Thanks

Tonje April 7, 2004 08:58

Re: How to activate"spring-all-shapes"?
You can try this command: (rpsetvar 'dynamesh/spring/all-element-type? #t) with parenthesis and everything. Good luck :)


David April 8, 2004 09:45

Re: How to activate"spring-all-shapes"?
Thank you for you reply. I input this command in the text command:

> (rpsetvar'dynamesh/spring/all-element-type?#t)

but fluent says:

Error: rp-var-value-set!: undefined variable

Error Object: dynamesh/spring/all-element-type?#t

How to solve this problem?

gg April 9, 2004 03:11

Re: How to activate"spring-all-shapes"?
input command with spaces as Tonje say !

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