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David April 7, 2004 03:52

UDF problem occurs in 2-CPU computer
Is there any difference of UDF file between in dual-CPU machine and in single CPU one? I run my case in a dual-CPU machine,but the UDF could not be loaded correctly£¬where the same case can run in single CPU machine normally.

FJ April 7, 2004 04:46

Re: UDF problem occurs in 2-CPU computer

Let check the follwings.

-Windows(Linux), In UDF library directory, there is the directory named "ntx86(lnx86)" . And the below , Is there the directories named "2d_host" and "2d_node"?. Or is your UDF library made from parallel version?.

If it's not, it has to be re-compiled with parallel version.

Thank you


thomas April 7, 2004 06:00

Re: UDF problem occurs in 2-CPU computer
FJ is right, to read the library you need the build the library in parallel before. Also 2 furthers things: - make sure the macrso you use can be used in paralell. - ALso if you initiate some loops in your UDF, essentially loop over the whole domain, make sure you to use the right loop macro which makes the loop over all the nodes -> go to the udf documentation


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