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arun April 8, 2004 11:58

udf application in student version of fluent
hi everybody, I am trying to implement UDF's in FLUENT 6.1 Student version. I have couple of questions regarding the same: 1)Is it possible to implement UDF's in Student Version? 2) If it is possible how do we go about it, does it have the similar procedure as the professional version? 3) How can I implement Pulsatile flow using Fluent with or without UDF's using minimal computational resources? ( we have with us Pentium 4, 512 MB ram and 1.7Ghz stand alone computer) 4) In a Concentation gradient based Mass Diffsuion simulation, How can I obtain a plot of Concentration Vs Time. The plots which are available in FLUENT donot facilitate TIME plots? Any help in this regard would be appreciated. ---Arun & Srikanth

Ajay April 8, 2004 20:15

Re: udf application in student version of fluent
Under the define menu if you can find user defined function then the UDF could be used .

To implement pulsative flows you can write a simple C program which would Loop around all the faces of your Inlet/outlet and set the boundary condition. The UDF maunal would give you many examples u need to use a function called define_profile to define your pressure profile.

Again by using a UDF ( execute at the end ) you could write down the value of your UDS ( user defined scalar ) after the end of every time iteration

you could find all these in the FLUENT UDF manual. -Ajay

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