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lingo April 12, 2004 02:52

How to use UDF to define a moving wall
emma,Ady and others:

I met a problem.When I activate the Dynamic Meshing and OK,someting as follows appears in my console window:

"Could not check out fluent-mdm-beta: No such feature exists Feature: fluent-mdm-beta License path: D:\FLUENT.INC\license\license.dat; FLEXlm error: -5,357 For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual, available at "".

Error: unable to acquire a license for the moving/deforming mesh model.''

what's wrong ? How to solve it?

another question: I only can activate the "parameter"in "Dynamic meshing" ,how to activate "the zones" in "Dynamic meshing"?

Thank you for your help!

lingo April 12, 2004 02:52

Re: How to use UDF to define a moving wall
Hi,Guess and other friends:

I still don't catch ¡°THREAD_VAR(tc) = your function¡±.I know little about the variables in Macro¡°DEFILE-ADJUST¡±. I try to write a udf :

#inclue ¡°udf.h¡±

DEFILEA¡ªADJUST(my£*adjust,d) { Thread*t; cell-t c

thread -loop-c(t,d) { begin-c-loop(c,t) THREAD-VAR(tc).fluid .omega=5*sin(5*t); end-c-loop(c,t) } }

Can you check it for me? Thank you very much.

emma April 13, 2004 04:58

Re: How to use UDF to define a moving wall
Hello, Lingo,

When you use "dynamic mesh modeling" in fluent, you should add a line "#include "dynamesh_tools.h".



lingo April 13, 2004 23:05

Re: How to use UDF to define a moving wall

Thank you for your advice.Yesterday I found several udf examples about DEFINE_CG_MOTION(name,dt,vel,omega,time,dtime).

I never found document about ¡°dynamec meshing¡±and ¡°DEFIFE_CG_MOTION¡±in my Fluent6.0(maybe i miss it,but I examined carefully, In Fluent6document\fluent6.0\help\pdf\udf)¡£ I thirst for the document.Can you send it for me in E_mail or provide me the website to download it (if permissible)?

Thank you very much!

emma April 14, 2004 04:14

Re: How to use UDF to define a moving wall
Hi, Lingo,

You can search the correpondent documentation in internet with "google". Just write the key words, such as " fluent6.0 dynamic mesh manual" in the dialog box, you will find it. About the explanation of the macros for dynamic meshing and how to use them, you could find them in fluent 6.1. See fluent 6.1 User's guide and UDF manual. You'll find them.

Good luck!


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